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In October of 2022 we launched our Russian language service.

The Moscow Times Russian Service

VTimes: A new media project from former Vedomosti journalists

The Moscow Times

Stichting 2 Oktober supports the activities of The Moscow Times. Founded in 1992, The Moscow Times was and still is an inspiration for generations of Russian journalists. With its fact-based, unbiased and objective journalism, The Moscow Times has a long and distinguished track record which in many ways set the standards for decent journalism in Russia.

Until 2015, The Moscow Times published a daily newspaper. Today, it is primarily distributed through themoscowtimes.com and several stand-alone print products.

The Moscow Times alumni can be found all over the media — from The New York Times to Vedomosti, from Bloomberg to RBK and from Reuters to The Bell.


Stichting 2 Oktober supports the production of multimedia projects which give insight into daily Russian life. We want the world to understand that there is more to Russia than Putin or the Kremlin.

Generation P
Mothers & Daughters

With support of Stichting de Boomgaard

Journalism Training:

Supporting journalism trainings is one of the key activities of Stichting 2 Oktober. Through internships at The Moscow Times newsroom, special workshops and a summer school, we help to develop a new generation of independently minded journalists with the skills they need to be relevant in today’s journalism industry.

We put a special focus on young journalists from Russia’s regions.

With support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs